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Loose Cable, No EPS

This bulletin applies to 2012 Subaru Tribeca and other Subaru models. If the customer complains that the electronic power steering (EPS) assist is not working properly, with a heavy steering feel, and the EPS light illuminates without a DTC, check the battery terminals for cleanliness an tightness.


Loose Subaru Nuts

Subaru is recalling certain model year 2016 Legacy vehicles manufactured Oct. 24, 2015, to Nov. 16, 2015.


New Subaru Seal

This bulletin applies to new parts information for a new active valve control system (AVCS) on 2012 Subaru Forester models and all Subaru models equipped with FA or FB engines. 


Rust-Free ABS Clips

This bulletin applies to 2010-2014 Subaru Legacy and Outback models. In response to isolated reports of cracked or broken ABS wheel speed sensor harness retaining clips caused by reaction with acids used in some wheel cleaners, the clip material has been changed to polypropylene (PPC).


Tank Hard to Fill

This bulletin was released by Subaru, relating to the 2010-2012 Outback. If you have a customer concern of difficulty filling the fuel tank, be aware it may be the filler neck hose.


Resetting the Window Switch

This bulletin applies to 2015 Subaru Legacy and Outback models. Unnecessary replacement of the power window switch has been reported.


Subaru Changes Purge System

This bulletin applies to 2011 and later Subaru Legacy vehicles equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, specifically starting with VIN B*264171.


Subaru Rattle

This bulletin applies to 2011 Subaru Legacy, Outback, Impreza and Forester models that experience a rattle noise from the rear suspension, determined to be coming from the upper control arm ball joint. A revised torque specification has been released for the ball joint retaining nut.


Blame the Left Foot

This bulletin applies to 2008 and later Subaru Impreza vehicles equipped with a manual transmission. The concern may involve a MIL Start Assist (HAS) warning light and DTC C0076 stored.


Tension Reminder

This bulletin applies to all Subaru models equipped with 1.8, 2.0, 2.2 and 2.5L EJ engines with regard to automatic timing belt tensioners. These tensioners must be compressed very slowly, and with the rod in a vertical position. Compressing them too quickly, with too much applied force, or compressing with the rod in a horizontal position may result in weakening or tensioner damage.

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