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Blind Spot Bug

Some 2015-2016 Toyota Camry vehicles equipped with Blind Spot Monitor may exhibit a Blind Spot Monitor warning message, along with DTC C1AB2 (short to ground in outer mirror indicator....master) or C1AB3 (short to ground in outer mirror indicator...slave).


Prius Battery

This bulletin applies to 2014 Toyota Prius C vehicles equipped with a 1.5L engine. Some customers may complain about a MIL on. The technician may find DTC P0A80 stored. In these cases, the HV battery would need to be replaced. Along with HV battery replacement, the battery cooling system filter will either need cleaning or replacement.


Brake Fluid Level

Toyota has announced a recall involving 2016 Highlander vehicles built from May 26, 2016, to Sept. 16, 2016.


Toyota Air-Fuel Codes

Some 2012-2014 Toyota Corolla vehicles equipped with a 2ZR-FE engine (or 2014 model with a 2ZR-FAE engine) may exhibit a MIL on with DTC P219A (bank 1 air-fuel ratio imbalance).


Bad Lean

Some 2013-2016 Toyota Sequoia vehicles equipped with air suspension may exhibit a vehicle lean condition towards the left side. The lean condition is noticed when the vehicle is parked. If encountered, this condition is remedied by replacing the left front coil spring.


Trailer Light Recall

This bulletin applies to 2013-2015 Toyota RAV4 vehicles, built between June 1, 2013, and Dec. 29, 2014, equipped with an accessory trailer light module. Software within the module may incorrectly detect an electrical short and may turn off the electrical current and trailer lights.


Toyota Diff Change

Some 2016-2019 Toyota 4Runner 4WD vehicles may exhibit a cyclical groaning/grinding noise from the front differential in 2WD that is not present in 4WD operation.


Toyota Throttle Body Update

This bulletin applies to 2007-2011 Toyota Camry HV vehicles equipped with a 2AZ-FE engine. An updated throttle body has been released.


Toyota Grease Leak

Some 2015-2016 Toyota Sienna vehicles may exhibit a grease leak where grease is coming through the boot clamp area on the big end of the outboard front axle shaft joint.


Groaning Toyota

This bulletin applies to 2004-2017 Toyota  4Runner vehicles Some vehicles equipped with part-time 4WD may exhibit a cyclical groaning or grinding noise coming from the front differential in 2WD that goes away when operated in 4WD. This noise can be addressed by replacing the needle bearing on the left side of the front differential.

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