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Kia Soul A/C has belt squeal

2010 Kia Soul vehicles equipped with the 2.0L engine built between Job 1 and 3-3-2009 may have an under-torqued A/C idler pulley nut that may be related to belt squeal.


Not so cool Benz

This bulletin refers to insufficient or no cooling output on Mercedes Benz vehicles, where a permanently or occasionally defective refrigerant line is present.


Hybrid vehicle air conditioning service

There are over 1.5 million Toyota hybrid vehicles in North America (and well over 2 million hybrids total, including Toyota and other brands). Even though these numbers represent perhaps less than 1% of the total North America vehicle population, it’s evident that hybrids are here to stay, and their population will increase. Based on this, it’s time to become familiar with A/C systems in hybrids


Less than max Nissan A/C

This TSB from Nissan refers to the A/C system not cooling the cabin to factory specification in 2007-2012 Altima and 2009-2012 Maxima vehicles.


Hyundai A/C coil update

For the models in the applicable list below, this TSB provides an additional A/C compressor field coil specification that may not be available in the shop manual.


Don’t fry the compressor!

This bulletin provides information regarding the recommendation of air conditioning refrigerant recovery and recharge (RRR) machines for 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid vehicles.


DENSO A/C system heats/cools driver’s area only

DENSO Corp. says it has developed the world’s first automotive air conditioning (A/C) system that is capable of heating/cooling the driver’s area only.


A/C service advancements

The advent of computer controls, and especially with the 2000 introduction of CAN (controller area network), has changed much of the way we service automobiles. The heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) system is no exception.


Tracer offers hybrid A/C dye kit

Tracer Products has introduced the Tracerline TP-3812 Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit, featuring an OEM-approved fluorescent dye specially formulated for use in all hybrid vehicles.


Bosch unit aids hybrid A/C service

Bosch’s hybrid-ready ACS 620H Digital A/C Refrigerant Handling System is user-friendly and independently certified to the new J2788 High Voltage Addendum standard. This allows the shop to service hybrid vehicle A/C systems utilizing high-voltage electric drive compressors.

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