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Robert Bosch adds to electric water pump line

Robert Bosch LLC reports nine new Bosch electric water pumps have been released to the aftermarket extending coverage to 1.9 million additional vehicles in operation. These new water pumps offer a long life, reduced noise, and are suitable for start/stop applications.


Bosch introduces fine wire double platinum spark plug

Robert Bosch LLC has introduced an original equipment design fine wire double platinum spark plug which complements the company's OE fine wire Iridium spark plug launched in 2011.


Bosch Blue brake pads feature platform-specific formulations

Bosch is offering Bosch Blue Brake Pads targeted to general repair shops that service a variety of vehicle makes and models.


Bosch offers a complete range of batteries for passenger vehicles

Bosch offers a complete range of batteries for all passenger vehicle makes and models.


Bosch offers QuietCast premium brake pads

Robert Bosch LLC is offering the Bosch QuietCast premium line of brake pads for Asian, domestic and European applications.


New Bosch coil design for BMWs has techs asking – Where’s the ‘snap’?

New redesigned coils for BMWs from Robert Bosch LLC, (part numbers 0 221 504 464/00124 and 0 221 504 407/00044), have had a number of automotive service technicians wondering what happened to the “snap.”


Bosch adds to QuietCast and Bosch Blue brake pad lines

Thirty-four new Bosch QuietCast and Bosch Blue Brake Pad sets from the Bosch Braking Components group expand Bosch coverage for many late-model Asian, domestic and European vehicles.


Bosch launches Digital Marketing University

Bosch has announced a significant new benefit for repair shops that are members of its Bosch Car Service program.


Bosch expands EuroLine disc brake pad line

The Bosch Group has expanded its line of EuroLine disc brake pads. Sixty-six new part numbers are now available to North American customers.


Bosch adds pin-to-pin designs to spark plug line

Bosch Group has added “pin-to-pin” designs to its OE Fine Wire Iridium spark plug program, designed to provide better ignitability, especially in today’s high-tech engines.

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