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Bosch expands line of QuietCast brake rotors

The Bosch Group has expanded its line of premium QuietCast brake rotors, part of the brand family that includes Bosch top-of-the line QuietCast brake pads.Currently, one out of every three vehicles on the road in North America – domestic, Asian and European – use Bosch braking components., says the company.


Fire in the hole! Spark plugs: past and present

Fire in the hole. That, as you know, is how the internal combustion engine works. Mixing fuel and air then igniting it causes a rapid rise in pressure. This is often called an explosion, but in an engine, it is in reality a controlled burn.


Bosch shops compete for best use of Bosch Car Service brand

Robert Bosch LLC has launched a contest to determine the “best of the best” Bosch Car Service (BCS) network of shops across the U.S.


Save your receipt: Bosch offers spark plug rebate program

Bosch is offering a mail-in rebate on OE fine wire iridium spark plugs, OE fine wire double platinum spark plugs and OE fine wire platinum spark plugs.


Maximizing your smoke machine: Smoke ’em if you got ’em

A smoke machine can be used in virtually any low-pressure vehicle system for the purpose of locating leaks, including EVAP, intake/induction system, oil, EGR, engine vacuum, exhaust, coolant (radiator, water pump, hoses, etc.), HVAC, a variety of gasketed areas, engine blocks, worn throttle shafts, diaphragms, intercooler, turbocharger, idle motors and solenoids, under-dash leaks and even vehicle body wind/water leaks.


OTC Genisys, Pegisys software updates

OTC, a Bosch Automotive Service Solutions brand, offers comprehensive bundled software update kits for all OTC Genisys and Pegisys diagnostic scan tools.


Bosch scan tool offers OEM level diagnostics

Bosch’s Mastertech VCI (M-VCI) aftermarket scan tool now provides OEM level diagnostics for General Motors vehicles by supporting the General Motors Tech2WIN application.


Bosch holds 'The Gut Check Challenge'

From now until July 18, 2012, Bosch Spark Plugs is holding an online competition, “The Gut Check Challenge, at www.facebook.com/boschautoparts which tests automotive know-how and spark plug smarts of auto enthusiasts, technicians and do-it-yourself (DIY) motorists in the U.S.


Tool Review: Bosch cordless impact wrenches

Air (pneumatic) impact wrenches are a mainstay of any shop. However, there are times (and those times are frequent) when dragging an air hose around isn’t ideal, especially when working in a confined area, or where the air hose (straight or coiled) can become entangled or pose a tripping hazard, or when you’re concerned about dragging an air hose over a painted surface.


Bosch launches updated ICON wiper blades

The Bosch Group has launched the second generation of its premium ICON beam wiper blade.

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