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Maximizing GDI system efficiency

Engine management systems can be divided into two main categories: manifold or port injection, and gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems. These systems have many similarities, and major differences between the systems are primarily fuel delivery and control and operating pressures.


Bosch wins German business magazine award

Bosch recently received the Best Innovator Award for 2010/2011 in the automotive supplier category from A.T. Kearney and "WirtschaftsWoche," a German weekly business magazine.


Bosch launches 'Driving Innovation' road tour

The Bosch Group launched "Driving Innovation," a dramatic interactive traveling road tour at this year's Indy 500 to “demonstrate Bosch's leadership in advancing automotive technology and building business for parts stores and service facilities,” the company states.


Bosch offers new compact battery chargers

Intelligent, portable C3 and C7 chargers from the Bosch Group provide-battery charging that is quick, easy and safe, whenever required.


Bosch offers new and reman starters

Bosch starters are available for most domestic, Asian and European automobiles, light trucks and SUVs.


Bosch offers OE SmartLink sensor system

The Bosch Group advises motorists to check and or replace a “lazy”oxygen sensor with every tune-up to improve vehicle performance, reduce harmful exhaust emissions, save on fuel cost and prevent premature failure of the catalytic converter.

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