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TOPIC : brake pads


Akebono Adds 16 Part Numbers to 3 Brake Pad Lines

Akebono Brake Corp. has added 16 part numbers to its Pro-Act, Performance and Euro premium ceramic brake pad lines, expanding coverage to more than 4.6 million additional late-model domestic, European and Asian vehicles.


Brake System NVH Woes: Addressing and Avoiding Noise, Vibration and Harshness Issues

The usual complaint after performing a brake service is typically going to involve noises — squeaks, squeals, squawks or vibrations. You name it, brake noise under moderate to light applications is a common complaint, but what causes it? And why don’t they make noise under a hard application?


Tenneco Expands Monroe Brakes Product Line

Tenneco Inc. has added dozens of Total Solution and Monroe ProSolution  pad sets to its Monroe Brakes product line. The new brake pads provide combined coverage of more than 53.2 million additional late-model European, Asian and North American passenger vehicles.


Raybestos Introduces Friction Line for European Applications

Brake Parts Inc now has available Raybestos European disc brake pads for popular European nameplates.


New Bendix Brake Line Offers Platform-Specific Brake Coverage

Mat Holdings Inc. has launched the Bendix Brakes brand Premium product line, which offers comprehensive coverage for late model vehicles. The Bendix Premium line includes brake pads, discs, shoes and complete brake shoe kits.


Bosch Adds 34 SKUs to 4 Product Lines

Robert Bosch LLC has added 34 part numbers to its diesel common rail injectors and injection pumps, wideband air/fuel oxygen sensors, braking, and rotating machines product lines.


Bosch Expands Product Portfolio and Adds Work Lamp Program

Robert Bosch LLC added 27 aftermarket part numbers to its product portfolio in December. Additions were made to the braking, rotating machines, fuel pumps and throttling devices categories. The company also unveiled an LED work lamp program.


Bosch introduces 17 SKUs for brakes and rotating machines

Robert Bosch LLC has added 17 part numbers to its brake pads and rotating machines product lines.


Bosch adds 71 part numbers to its aftermarket portfolio

Robert Bosch LLC’s latest aftermarket portfolio additions include new part numbers for brake pads and rotating machines and expanded coverage on oil filters and wipers.


Bosch adds 12 SKUs in multiple product categories

Robert Bosch LLC has added 12 SKUs to its product portfolio. Parts have been added to the brake pads, spark plugs, rotating machines, and wiper blades product lines.

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