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TOPIC : brake rotors


Suspension Inspection: Tips on Checking a Variety of Suspension Components

Let’s take a look at various suspension parts inspections, including ball joints, wheel bearings, wheel hub units, control arm bushings and more.


Busted Wheel Stud on Milan

Some 2010-2011 Mercury Milan vehicles built between 12/1/2009 and 10/26/2010 may exhibit a single rear wheel stud fracture. A small number of rear brake rotors may have been manufactured with a wheel mounting face that is not flat, potentially resulting in a stud fracture.


Luxury Car and High Performance Brakes

Premium-priced high-performance luxury cars tend to push the envelope in terms of braking system performance. While a disc/drum or disc/disc system found on any production vehicle is designed to provide safe and reliable braking, luxury performance cars tend to be outfitted with “spirited” driving in mind. As engine power increases, accompanied by the potential for higher speed operation, there’s more demand on the brake system, requiring the system to meet these challenges.


Caddy Click

This bulletin applies to 2009-2013 Cadillac CTS-V models built prior to VIN breakpoint D0106083. A clicking noise may be heard from the front wheels. This condition is noticed at low speed during full wheel lock turns on dry clean pavement. The clicking noise is generally noted as approximately one to four clicks per wheel revolution.


ACDelco Says Bust Rust With New Coated Rotors and Calipers

ACDelco is expanding its lineup of coated rotors and calipers that are designed to protect brake systems against environmental elements like rain and snow, and corrosive liquid sprays used to maintain gravel roads.


Federal-Mogul Expands Rotor, Drum, and Hydraulic Coverage

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has expanded its Wagner Brake brand’s rotor, drum and hydraulic application coverage on 464 brake rotor, drum and hydraulic part numbers for a combined total of nearly 160 million registered vehicles.


Premium Wagner Brake Rotor Line Expands to More Than 450 Part Numbers

Federal-Mogul Motorparts is expanding its premium Wagner brand replacement brake rotor line featuring E-Shield protective coating technology to more than 450 part numbers, or approximately 95% of target market coverage.


New Bendix Brake Line Offers Platform-Specific Brake Coverage

Mat Holdings Inc. has launched the Bendix Brakes brand Premium product line, which offers comprehensive coverage for late model vehicles. The Bendix Premium line includes brake pads, discs, shoes and complete brake shoe kits.


Brake basics booster shot

When was the last time you had a tetanus shot, asks the doctor when you arrive to have that cut stitched up. You need a booster every 10 years. Every year, 10% to 20% of people who contract tetanus will die. Auto repair is risky business. Make sure your booster is up-to-date.


Not flat enough

This bulletin applies to 2006-2011 Ford Fusion, 2006 Lincoln Zephyr and 2007-2011 Mercury MKZ and 2006-2011 Mercury Milan vehicles. Some vehicles may experience a single rear wheel stud fracture. The cause: Some vehicles were assembled using a wheel mounting face or rear brake rotor that was not flat.

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