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TOPIC : Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.


Chicago Pneumatic Launches Series of Air Hydraulic Jacks

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co’s. new CP85XXX range of high quality, high lifting capacity air hydraulic jacks are designed for tire changing and general mechanic applications on heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and agricultural vehicles.


Chicago Pneumatic Unveils an Ultra-Compact Impact Wrench

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. has unveiled an ultra-lightweight ½-inch impact wrench. The new CP7732C is the latest in a series of compact tools for the vehicle service industry.


Chicago Pneumatic Introduces Compact Composite Angle Wrench

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.’s (CP) new compact CP7727/37 3/8-inch and ½-inch angle impact wrench is capable of providing users with 220 ft-lbs (300Nm) of maximum torque in reverse.


Chicago Pneumatic Has New Compact Ratchet

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. has launched a series of compact and ergonomic ratchets for a range of applications including heavy duty transmission and suspension jobs, lighter engine repair, dashboard work, and general maintenance.


1.2-Ton Wheel Dolly From Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.’s new CP87120 1.2 ton dolly has two handles for fast and easy maneuvering, and its width is adjustable to accept wheel diameters from 39.4–78.78 in. (1,000–2,200mm).


Chicago Pneumatic releases two metal impact wrenches

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. has launched a series of CP7736 ½-inch metal impact wrenches designed to deliver more durability, power and user comfort for tire changing or general mechanic applications.


Swivel connectors for pneumatic tools

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new range of air line accessories for its handheld pneumatic tools. The new Air Flex swivel connectors, which connect the air hose to the base of the tool, make rigid hoses more flexible and multi-directional.


Chicago Pneumatic adds line of workshop equipment

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. (CP) has a new line of workshop equipment for professional automotive and heavy vehicle maintenance. The line includes jack stands, bottle and floor jacks, air-hydraulic jacks and presses, torque wrenches and other accessories.


Chicago Pneumatic’s BlueTork series has shut-off nutrunner for fleet maintenance

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. Says its BlueTork CP7600 nutrunner series is the only non-impact tool with a shut-off nutrunner available on the market for fleet maintenance applications.


Chicago Pneumatic introduces three air tools

Chicago Pneumatic has launched three powerful new air tools: the CP7748TL, CP7776  and new generation CP7749. 

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