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CRP Automotive launches ContiTech replacement belts for vehicle stop/start systems

CRP Automotive announced that it is the first to market with ContiTech replacement belts for applications that use start/stop technology. The new belts, ContiTech Silent Grip and ContiTech Tough Grip, were originally developed by ContiTech to solve specific problems on major OE applications.


CRP Automotive releases 2014 ContiTech Belts & Belt Kits Catalog

CRP Automotive has published its 2014 ContiTech Belts & Belt Kits Catalog, a 432-page applications guide that includes timing belts, serpentine belts, elast belts, silent and tough grip belts, as well as several different timing belt kit offerings.


CRP offers Contitech Accessory Drive System Service poster

The CRP Automotive division of CRP Industries Inc. has developed a special ContiTech Accessory Drive System Service poster, which is part of an overall support program for its ContiTech Serpentine Belts and Accessory Drive Kits.


ContiTech Problem Solver Timing Belt Kits

CRP Automotive offers a range of ContiTech Pro Series Plus Timing Kits that solve special service problems by providing technicians with all of the components needed to perform proper timing belt and water pump service.


'Like’ CRP’s Facebook page for technical info and news

CRP Automotive has launched the CRP Facebook fan page. The page gives CRP a new platform to communicate with both automotive distribution and professional service customers.


Pentosin High Performance Motor Oils

CRP Automotive offers three formulations of Pentosin High Performance Motor Oils for a variety of uses on OE-approved applications.


Expanded ContiTech serpentine belt line

The all-makes/all-models ContiTech serpentine belt program for both domestic and import vehicles is now available from CRP Automotive. The company says they are designed with extended service life intervals and require no re-tensioning.


OE hydraulic engine mounts from Rein Automotive

CRP Automotive has expanded its line of Rein Automotive anti-vibration and suspension parts with new OE hydraulic engine mounts.


CRP backs its Pro Series timing belt kits

CRP Automotive has added an official Mileage Guarantee Certificate to every ContiTech Pro Series Timing Belt Kit.


CRP expands line of anti-vibration, suspension parts

CRP Automotive has expanded its line of Rein Automotive anti-vibration and suspension parts with vehicle coverage starting from the 1990 model year. Key applications also have been incorporated for late model European makes.

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