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TOPIC : Dodge Charger


I Thought You Slipped

Owners of 2011 Charger or Chrysler 300 vehicles may see a “Service 4WD” light in the cabin compartment node. The technician may find DTC C107B (tire revolutions range performance) set in the DTCM.


Crooks Hear Them Coming

This bulletin applies specifically to 2013 Dodge Charger police cars, addressing a brake squeal issue. This bulletin applies to vehicles built prior to Nov. 29, 2012.


Another Mopar glitch

This bulletin applies to a number of Chrysler vehicles equipped with a 2.0L, 2.4L, 3.2L, 3.6L, 3.0L, 5.7L, 6.4L or 8.3L engine, built on or before March 12, 2014.


The decklid’s open?

Owners of 2011-2013 Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300 vehicles may complain about the decklid opening unintentionally when in Park and with the driver within proximity of the vehicle. This bulletin involves inspecting the decklid passive entry switch and replacing if needed.


Mopar slip

This TSB applies to 2011 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 vehicles. Some customers may see a “Service 4WD” light in the Cabin Compartment Node (CCN). The technician may find that C1078 (tire revolutions range performance) DTC is set in the DTCM.


Mopar warm-up

This bulletin applies to 2008-2010 Dodge Charger and Magnum vehicles, equipped with the 2.7L engine and 4-speed automatic transmission. A rough idle on startup with ambient temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit may be experienced.


Metric filter alert

This bulletin describes proper engine oil filter usage for 2008 Chrysler vehicles.


Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

This TSB applies to 2008-2010 Dodge Charger and Magnum police cars. Police package WIG-WAG lighting, along with other Police inputs (horn mute, radio mute, panic alarm mute) may become inoperative. This condition will most likely occur when the vehicle is in transition from ignition OFF to ignition ON and battery voltage drops below 9 volts.


Hard Charger

Some owners of 2012 Dodge Chargers may experience transmission shift, engagement, shudder or operation concerns. In addition, any of the following DTCs may be set:


Rattling Charger spoiler

The decklid spoiler on 2011-2012 Dodge Chargers may rattle or chatter due to gradual loosening of the spoiler mounting stud nuts. This applies to vehicles built prior to Oct. 31, 2011.

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