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Avoiding the risk of fire: It can happen

Everyone involved in the automotive industry is aware of the importance of safety with regard to vehicle service work. We’re constantly reminded (in instruction sheets, in service manuals, by co-workers, etc.) to wear eye protection, to perform certain tasks in a well-ventilated area, to securely support a vehicle when hoisting, etc.


Customers don’t always know what’s best

In the “old days,” when an automotive component was reclaimed instead of being sold for scrap, the part was “rebuilt,” which simply involved fixing whatever went wrong. The end result, depending on the shop doing the work, could be good or bad.


A well-kept shop builds good PR

As I sat in front of my monitor trying to decide what to write for this editorial, I thought back on how I’d spent the previous Sunday, tidying up my engine assembly room and preparing for another engine build. Luckily, I have a full-wall-length Lista workbench and cabinet system that allows me to neatly organize all of my tools and supplies.

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