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Cam Bore Bugaboo

Some 2009-2011 Ford Escapes and Mariners and 2010-2011 Fusion and Milan vehicles equipped with a 3.0L engine, with the engine built on or before 3-1-2011 may exhibit a MIL on with DTCs P0011, P0012, P0021, P0022 and/or P034X.


GM OE Gaskets and Seals are Available From ACDelco

A series of more than 440 General Motors original equipment engine component gaskets and seals are now available through ACDelco, making it easier for aftermarket customers to get the OE replacement parts they need.


CRP Automotive has special Ajusa gaskets for BMW

CRP Automotive offers a special series of Ajusa gaskets for applications on a wide range of BMW 6-cylinder engines.


Engine sealing tips: How to avoid problems from annoying leaks to devastating damage

Sealing an engine involves several concerns, including the containment of combustion pressure, preventing coolant and oil from entering the combustion process, and preventing oil, coolant and vacuum from leaking out of the engine. Theoretically this should be a straightforward process, but if performed incorrectly without attention to detail, problems can range from annoying leaks to devastating internal engine damage.


Leaky GM transmission

Owners of 1997-2007 GM cars and light trucks (including Saturn) with the Hydra-Matic 4T65-E automatic transmission may complain about a transmission fluid leak.


SCE Gaskets releases catalog

SCE Gaskets has published a 360-page full-line catalog that covers both racing applications and engine gaskets for just about every car on the road today.


Magnum gaskets’ coverage tops 100,000 applications

Modern Silicone Technologies (MSI) now lists more than 100,000 make/year/engine applications in its electronic catalog for passenger cars and light-duty trucks.


Permatex retools product packaging for adhesives, sealants and gaskets

Permatex says it launched a major new packaging initiative for its adhesives, sealants, gasketing and service products to make it easier for consumers to recognize the brand and identify the product they need.


New cleaning method for Volvo cooling

Volvo has released a new cleaning method for oil in the cooling system.


MAHLE Clevite introduces 41 new part numbers

MAHLE Clevite Inc. introduced a total of 41 new part numbers in November 2012 for various types of bearings, gaskets, filters, piston rings and turbochargers, now available for a range of light vehicle and heavy duty applications.

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