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Don't heat the hybrid

Honda notes that the high voltage batteries in the 2000-2006 Insight, 2003-2009 Civic Hybrid and the 2005-2007 Accord Hybrid (and other hybrid models/years) can be affected and damaged by excessively high temperatures.


Honda parking light stays on

This TSB applies to 2008-2009 Honda Accord, 2008-2009 Odyssey, 2009 Pilot and 2009 Ridgeline (all except Navigation). The parking brake indicator may remain on after the parking brake is released.


A fix for a faulty Honda oil switch

With a normal engine oil level, a “check engine oil level” message appears on the MID or the navigation screen on some Honda models. The low oil pressure indicator on the instrument panel may also be on.


Misfiring Honda Accord

This TSB applies to Honda Accords. One or more spark plugs may be fouled, and the MIL illuminates with at least one of the following DTCs:


Honda DTC caused by spiders?

The MIL illuminates with DTC P2422 (EVAP canister vent shut valve close malfunction) on 2008-2009 Honda Accord models.


Correcting faulty Honda Accord EVAP system

The 2011 Accord L4 four-door, from VIN 1HGCP2…BA033985 through 1HGCP2…BA056601; and 2011 Accord L4 two-door, from VIN 1HGCS1…BA004581 through 1HGCS1…BA007349, may have one or more of the following symptoms:


Honda low oil indicator

The MID or NAVI on 2008-2010 Accord V6 2-door with M/T, 2009-2010 Odyssey LX and EX and the 2009-2011 Ridgeline may display a check engine oil level message, and the low oil indicator be be on.

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