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TOPIC : Mike Mavrigian


Tool review: Midtronics' DSS-7000 battery analyzer -- A very sophisticated diagnostic tool

If you're thinking that the world doesn't need another battery tester, you haven't seen Midtronics' DSS-7000. Comparing this tool to a good/bad tester or a multimeter is like comparing the space shuttle to a child's kite.


Ford Powerstroke diesel: Engine background and tech tips

As anyone familiar with diesel engine operation knows, a diesel engine differs from other liquid fuel engines in one major respect: The fuel/air charge is ignited by cylinder pressure and heat, instead of via an electrical ignition system (diesel-fueled engines don’t use spark plugs).


Making lemonade

It’s hardly a secret that today’s vehicles feature much more complex systems as compared to the pre-electronic control era. While some curse the increasingly sophisticated management systems that we must deal with, the fact that the use of ever-advancing electronic monitoring and management is here to stay, and it’s only going to increase and expand.


ASP wins gold medal for brake article

Auto Service Professional combined with its sister publication Modern Tire Dealer to win four awards, including three gold medals, for editorial excellence from the 24th International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC) judges.


ASP editor says car ads drive him crazy -- and readers agree!

Do car ads on TV drive you crazy? They do Auto Service Professional (ASP) magazine's Editor Mike Mavrigian. And ASP readers agree with him!


Tool review: Beta driver tools -- a sampling of the Italian brand

OK, so what’s so neat about yet another set of hand drivers and a ratchet? That’s what I wondered when I started to examine a small selection of hand tools from Beta Tools. I was pleasantly surprised.


TPMS tips:Identifying types, applications, functions and service

 Every vehicle from 2008 model year to the present is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If you service tires, you’ll be forced to deal with TPMS. That means that you must invest in a TPMS tool (preferably a combination tool that allows scanning/diagnostics, activating, programming if needed and relearning).


Automaker commercials drive me crazy

Like most of you, I love all things automotive. But the way in which some automakers go about hawking their wares on TV these days is making my face twitch.


Tool review: Snap-on CT8810A cordless impact wrench

Yes, we’re reviewing yet another cordless impact wrench. While I prefer to “mix it up” in terms of tool species, there has been a notable increase in cordless tool offerings, so when something new pops up, we want to make our readers aware.


Electronic/adaptive ride control: A brief overview of today’s systems

Electronic stability control (commonly referred to as ESC) is designed to slow and control the vehicle from unwanted oversteer and understeer. An ESC system takes advantage of the existing ABS and traction control systems.

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