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Oil change intervals revisited

There has been quite a bit of discussion among both the public and within the industry regarding engine oil change intervals. My opinion is that any engine’s oil and oil filter should be changed at a frequency of about 3,000 to 5,000 miles.


Tool review: Disc brake analyzer

A very handy specialty tool that I’ve recently discovered is Innovative Products’ Disc Brake System Analyzer, P/N 7884, which features a pair of precision mechanical pressure gauges.


NVH revisited: Correcting concerns relating to vibrational issues

Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues are certainly not limited to wheels, tires, brakes and steering/suspension areas. Engine faults (misfires, rotating assembly balance, etc.), worn or damaged engine mounts and driveline issues (driveshaft, transmission and drive axle) are all potential contributors to NVH concerns.


Never assume anything: (i.e.: you get what you pay for)

One of the frustrating aspects of performing automotive service work is occasionally dealing with a faulty new part. Leading parts manufacturers have an excellent track record of quality control, but sometimes a bad part slips by and ends up in a box that’s sitting on your local supplier’s shelf.


Tool review: Jump-N-Carry jump starter -- Portable model packs a punch for quick battery boost

Portable battery jump starters are a mainstay of just about every shop, especially dealerships and fleet shops. The convenience of a portable battery pack is obvious, allowing a weak battery to be jump-start boosted quickly enough to allow an engine start for vehicles parked in storage lots or to rescue a stranded motorist.


Ball joint service: Insights and replacement tips for a variety of vehicle applications

Ball joint service isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like. Certain vehicles are prone to premature wear, some ball joints are not available separately from the OEM, theoretically requiring replacement of an entire control arm or steering knuckle assembly, and some are just downright difficult to access. In this article we provide insight and replacement tips for a variety of vehicle-specific examples.


Diagnosing and correcting brake life and performance issues

When a vehicle’s brake pads and/or rotors wear faster than expected, a host of variables need to be considered, including materials, prior installation methods, driver abuse, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss potential issues and offer suggestions for checking and correcting customer concerns regarding brake life and performance.


The beauty of tools

One of the few things on this planet that is sure to always catch my eye is a clean, well organized selection of professional tools. A tidy tool drawer is one of those things that I can stare at and appreciate, much like a normal person might drool over a photo of a Victoria Secret ad (hey, nobody ever accused me of being normal


LS engine book is available

HP Books’ “Building the Chevy LS Engine” (P/N 1559) is for anyone servicing the LS engine.


Tire pressure monitoring systems

We've discussed the subject of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) in the past, but this is a topic that can always benefit from an update. Considering the proliferation of TPMS in today’s market, it’s vital that we gain as much understanding of these systems as possible.

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