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Chevy Recall

General Motors has recalled certain 2018 Chevrolet Equinox vehicles. The high pressure fuel pump may detach from its mounting flange, possibly resulting in the pump damaging the high pressure fuel line, with the possibility of a fire.


Cat Replacement Caution

This bulletin applies to 2002-2018 Chevy Escalade, Avalanche, Express, Silverado, Tahoe and Suburban models, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H and GMC Savana, Sierra and Yukon models.


Diesel WIF Sensor

Some 2017-2018 Ford F-Super Duty trucks equipped with a 6.7L diesel engine, built on or before March 15, 2018, may experience an illuminated WIF (water in fuel) indicator with DTC P1140, P2266 and/or P2269 stored in the PCM. This may be due to water intrusion into connector C3080 at the WIF sensor.


Prius Problem

Some 2016-2018 Toyota Prius vehicles may exhibit multiple conditions such as ABS MIL on, PCS/ICS/LDA/BSM malfunction message. The check engine light may be on, skid light on, with low brake force message and/or brake light inoperative. Typically, more than one condition is present.


Honda Direct Injection Service

This bulletin applies to all Honda vehicles equipped with a direct injection engine. Some of the service procedures that involve removal and installation of fuel system and engine parts require removing and installing the fuel joint pipe. Keep in mind that this is a must-replace part and must never be reused.


Nissan Steering Noise

This bulletin applies to 2013-2015 Nissan Leaf, 2013 Juke, 201302015 Sentra and 2013-2015 NV200 vehicles. You may find a noise (clunking, popping or bumping) when the steering wheel is turned. The noise is coming from the top of either front strut assembly.


Wax on/Wax Off

This bulletin applies to 2016 Jaguar F-Pace, F-Type, XE, XF and XJ models equipped with EPAS steering racks. Apparently, some EPAS steering racks have been replaced needlessly due to misinterpretation of the factory wax coating as a lubricant leak.


VW Cam Bearing Bridge

This bulletin applies to 2016-2017 Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles. The MIL may be on, and DTC P0011 (camshaft position Bank 1 timing over-advanced or system performance) and/or P0016 (crankshaft position – camshaft position correlation Bank 1 sensor A) may be stored in the ECM.


Pony Recall

Ford has recalled certain 2018 Mustangs equipped with an automatic transmission and a 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster.


Rear Diff Flash

Some owners of 2014-2018 Corvettes may comment about a Service Rear Differential message displayed on the DIC (driver information center).

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