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Mitsu injector connection

The shape of the fuel injector support clip for 2008 Lancer Evolution, 2008-2009 Lancer and 2008 Outlander Mitsubishi 4B1 engines has been changed to improve stability when installe


Mitsu nixes thermo valve

Mitsubishi has eliminated the thermo valve assembly in production. This involves the following vehicles:


Low-tank Mitsubishi misfire

The following Mitsubishi misfire DTCs can be set due to fuel aeration caused by low fuel level.


Mitsubishi nixes ring bolt

The number of bolts securing the sensing ring to the crankshaft has been reduced from four to three on 4B1-equipped 2008-2011 Outlander, Lancer, Lancer Sportback, Lancer Evolution and 2011 Outlander Sport.


Mitsubishi timing chain visual inspection

The procedure for checking timing chain elongation is missing from service manual instructions to delete the current learned value before performing a visual check. This TSB from Mitsubishi provides the missing instructions.


Fewer Lancer brake pad shims

Mitsubishi notes that they’ve changed the rear disc brake pad shim requirement for the 2008-2009 Lancer. The number of rear brake pad shims (per wheel location) has been reduced from four to one.


Endeavor to find cause for Mitsubishi squeak

Some owners of 2004-2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor vehicles may report a squeaking noise when stepping onto the rear seat floor. The condition may be caused by the sides of the rear floor spacer rubbing against the floor body panel.


Working on the chain gang

Mistubishi reports that certain instructions were missing from the repair manuals regarding timing chain inspection for the 2010 Lancer, Lancer Sportback and Lancer Evolution. Affected service manuals include 2010 Lancer, page 11C-17, Lancer Sportback, page 11A-18 and Lancer Evolution, page 11A-17.


Mitsubishi accumulator goes bye-bye

Mitsubishi 4G69 engines produced from June 2007 and later have been built according to a new design that eliminates the oil accumulator and its mounting hole.


Sneaky leak on Mitsubishi models

This TSB involves 2008-on Mitsubishi Outlanders with the 2.4L engine, Lancers and Lancer Evolutions (with engines built prior to April 8, 2008). An oil leak at the front of the engine may be seen on some affected vehicles.

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