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Permatex has new epoxy stick for quick and easy fuel tank repairs

Permatex has introduced an industrial strength epoxy in a stick formulation that provides a quick and easy fix on both metal gas tanks and containers.


Permatex cleaner available in new rocker cap bottle

Permatex has released its Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner in a new rocker cap bottle. The company says the rocker cap allows easy, one-hand use and helps keep the bottle free of grease.


Courtney Riley is new marcom manager at Permatex

Permatex has named Courtney Riley marcom manager. She will be responsible for managing overall marketing communications, including new product introductions, advertising campaigns, promotional support programs, marketing research and trade shows.


Permatex offers two battery protection products

Permatex announced that it now offers a tag team of battery protection products, Permatex Battery Cleaner and Permatex Battery Protector & Sealer.


Permatex retools product packaging for adhesives, sealants and gaskets

Permatex says it launched a major new packaging initiative for its adhesives, sealants, gasketing and service products to make it easier for consumers to recognize the brand and identify the product they need.


Permatex Rotor Cleaning Wipe makes install quick and easy

Permatex says its new Permatex single-use Rotor Cleaning Wipe towelette makes it easier to clean and prepare new brake rotors for installation.


Permatex wins Auto Communications Award for best YouTube video

Permatex received an award for excellence in business-to-business communication at the 2013 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) Nov. 5-7 in Las Vegas.


Permatex Fast Orange gently cleans hands without petroleum solvents

 Permatex Fast Orange hand cleaner now incorporates MircroGel technology, a polymer emulsion synthetic solvent that eliminates the need for citrus (orange oil) or petroleum base solvents, while continuing to deliver effective cleaning power.


Permatex adds single application gasket, brake products

Permatex has introduced four of its most popular products in new half-ounce sizes designed for single applications and small-scale jobs.


Win a $500 shopping spree in Permatex Summer Challenge

Permatex says its Spray Nine Summer Challenge Sweepstakes promotion is designed to raise awareness of Spray Nine’s renowned capabilities and its nine different uses.

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