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ASP editor says car ads drive him crazy -- and readers agree!

Do car ads on TV drive you crazy? They do Auto Service Professional (ASP) magazine's Editor Mike Mavrigian. And ASP readers agree with him!


Automaker commercials drive me crazy

Like most of you, I love all things automotive. But the way in which some automakers go about hawking their wares on TV these days is making my face twitch.


I hate thieves

Anyone who works for a living to support themselves and their family, pays their taxes and abides by the law hates a thief. Low-life criminals who take advantage of honest folks are the scum of the earth.


What to look for in outside contractors

Your shop may service just about anything under the sun, or you may specialize in specific types of service or certain vehicle makes. Regardless of your shop’s capabilities, there may be times when you need to farm out work to an outside vendor. A good example is engine repair or rebuilding.


The value of photos

Since it seems as though just about everyone these days has a “smart” phone glued to their head or stashed in their pocket 24 hours a day, we may as well take advantage of the camera feature of these phones while inspecting, diagnosing and repairing customer vehicles.


Oil change intervals revisited

There has been quite a bit of discussion among both the public and within the industry regarding engine oil change intervals. My opinion is that any engine’s oil and oil filter should be changed at a frequency of about 3,000 to 5,000 miles.


The beauty of tools

One of the few things on this planet that is sure to always catch my eye is a clean, well organized selection of professional tools. A tidy tool drawer is one of those things that I can stare at and appreciate, much like a normal person might drool over a photo of a Victoria Secret ad (hey, nobody ever accused me of being normal


You added what?

The ignorance of some customers continues to amaze. A buddy’s shop recently took in a 2001 Honda Accord with a “no brakes” issue. The car was towed in on a flatbed, since the customer was afraid to drive it to the shop.

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