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TOPIC : Tire pressure monitoring systems


Honda specs new TPMS tool

Honda no longer supports the TPMS sensor tool AKS06200060. This has been replaced with the ATEQ VT55. According to Honda, the old tool will not work with the Accord and Crosstour, and Honda notes that the ATEQ tool is “just a better tool all around.”


Tint kills TPMS?

Audi notes that if a TPMS warning light illuminates on a 2007 A4, S4 or Avant vehicle, and various DTCs are stored (voltage supply, no/low antenna signal, etc.), check to see if the vehicle’s windows have been tinted.


TPMS tips:Identifying types, applications, functions and service

 Every vehicle from 2008 model year to the present is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If you service tires, you’ll be forced to deal with TPMS. That means that you must invest in a TPMS tool (preferably a combination tool that allows scanning/diagnostics, activating, programming if needed and relearning).


Pay attention to TPMS caps

Just like on any vehicles with TPMS that features aluminum valve stems, do not install a chrome or chrome-plated steel valve cap on an aluminum valve stem on a Hummer H2.


Smart Sensor and Bartec team up

Now 31 Inc.’s Smart Sensor tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) program can be easily used with Bartec TECH400SD scan tools. 


Nissan TPMS issue

This TSB applies to all Nissan vehicles equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), where the TPMS warning light is illuminated steady or flashing.


ORO-TEK debuts second generation TPMS sensor

ORO-TEK has launched its second generation line of OE sensor replacements.


Ram TPMS reset

This TSB provides information for tire rotation and resetting the “light load” reset switch for 2008 Ram truck 2500 models.


ATEQ debuts re-learn module for Mitsubishi TPMS

ATEQ Corp. has released its Mitsubishi TPMS re-learn module, the MitsuReset tool.


Tire pressure monitoring systems

We've discussed the subject of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) in the past, but this is a topic that can always benefit from an update. Considering the proliferation of TPMS in today’s market, it’s vital that we gain as much understanding of these systems as possible.

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