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Engine prep and assembly aids

Goodson Shop Supplies offers every tool and shop supply item required for engine builders/rebuilders.


Tool Review: Smoke Wizard model GLD-50 -- Smoke ’em if ya got ’em

Smoke machines have quickly gained increased popularity among shop techs as ideal leak detection devices, applicable to vacuum systems, EVAP systems, cooling systems, oil systems, and even locating wind/water leaks at glass and body panels.


Tool Review: Bosch cordless impact wrenches

Air (pneumatic) impact wrenches are a mainstay of any shop. However, there are times (and those times are frequent) when dragging an air hose around isn’t ideal, especially when working in a confined area, or where the air hose (straight or coiled) can become entangled or pose a tripping hazard, or when you’re concerned about dragging an air hose over a painted surface.


Tool Review: DeWalt 12V cordless inspection camera

View, take photos or take video of hard-to-access locations


Tool Review: Bosch KTS 340 mobile vehicle diagnostic tool

The Bosch KTS 340 is truly a “multifunctional” diagnostic and technical information system. Actually, it does much more than simply “test.” The unit provides so much information, that its range of abilities are difficult to initially appreciate.


Testing Snap-on's electronic torque/angle wrench

Anyone who has serviced engines (as well as certain driveline and chassis components) that date from roughly the early 1990s to the present is aware that many OE threaded fastener tightening requirements call for a combination of torque-plus-angle specifications as opposed to a torque-only spec. Common applications for this procedure include but are not limited to cylinder head fasteners, main cap fasteners and connecting rod bolts.

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