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While the latest high-tech amenities are adding numerous safety, comfort and convenience benefits to a vehicle, they also are creating more battery-related issues for vehicle owners.

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ACDelco Reminds Techs That Potholes Damage More Than Tires

Drivers in the U.S. can spend at least $3 billion annually because of car damage caused by crumbling roadways, according to a recent AAA survey. And while the need to replace tires and wheels is usually obvious, steering and chassis components may need attention, too.  

ACDelco Introduces GM Variable Valve Timing Solenoids

ACDelco is making General Motors Original Equipment (OE) variable valve timing (VVT) solenoids available to aftermarket customers. Fourteen part numbers cover 16 million 2000-2017 model year GM vehicles on the road.

ACDelco Adds High Reserve Capacity Batteries

ACDelco is expanding its selection of High Reserve Capacity (HR) batteries designed for challenging applications where higher reserve capacity (RC) is more important or required by the original equipment manufacturer.