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Battery Service

This bulletin applies to 2012-2013 Buick LaCrosse vehicles. There may be an MIL on, battery Indicator or Service Charging System message on, with any combination of DTCs P1EAB, P1B33, P1B34, P1B35, P1B36, P1B37, P1B38 or P1B39.

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Battery Testing 2.0: That Clicking Sound Doesn’t Always Mean a Bad Battery

Sometimes diagnosing a no-crank/no-start problem can be more difficult than diagnosing a driveability problem. The average passenger car or light truck has at least two dozen electronic control units on-board, and luxury vehicles can have three times that many. Some of those tiny electronic brains can make a decision that will drain the battery almost overnight.

Infiniti MIL

This TSB applies to Infiniti’s 2006-2012 G37 (and can apply to a host of other models). If the MIL is on with DTC P0603 stored in the ECM, this may have been set due to a previous low battery, dead battery or battery terminal disconnection.

Battery testing basics

The cold snap that recently swept through most of the nation caught many folks unprepared as roads closed, pipes burst and batteries failed.

SOLAR 1852 100-amp fixed load battery tester

Clore Automotive offers Model No. 1852, a 100-amp fixed-load battery tester from SOLAR. The 1852 is designed for portable professional use, quickly providing assessment of battery condition and charging/starting system performance for 6- and 12-volt systems.

Infiniti DTC P0603

This TSB applies to a number of Infiniti models, including 2006-2008 FX (S50), 2009 FX (S51), 2006 G35 Sedan (V35), 2006-2007 G35 Coupe (CV35), 2007-2008 G35 Sedan (V36), 2008-2009 G37 Coupe (CV36), 2009 G37 Sedan (V36), 2006-2009 M (Y50), 2008 EX35 (J50), and 2006 Q45 (F50).

Scion battery drain

Some 2008 Scion xB and xD vehicles equipped with a remote engine starter (RES) may exhibit a discharged battery condition after short term storage due to parasitic draw. Use the procedure in this TSB to assist with diagnosis of excessive parasitic battery draw to correctly identify if the remote engine starter ECU is the cause.

Versatile Battery Analyzer from CTEK

CTEK Power Inc. says the Battery Analyzer can quickly test and diagnose all types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries including wet, maintenance-free, Ca/Ca, Gel and AGM.