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Bill Fulton

Someone once said that a good technician is not expensive but, rather, priceless. Having said that, I note we have all spent way too much time on an intermittent problem to justify the hours spent on these types of problems.

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Understanding Induction Systems on Naturally Aspirated & Turbo-Equipped Engines

You have heard it said before that the internal combustion engine is basically an air pump. The internal combustion engine has never been 100% efficient, but recent technology has improved the engine on a major basis with the addition of intake runner control systems, variable valve timing systems and turbo and turbo-equipped engines.

Global OBD II Diagnostics: Using All 10 Modules of Your Scan Tool

A friend of mine and automotive instructor by the name of John Forro once stated that 80% of the emission codes that light the malfunction indicator light (MIL) can be easily diagnosed from the generic or global side of the scan tool, and I would have to agree with him.

Diagnosing and Servicing Gasoline Direct Injection Systems

For those of you who can recall when the manufacturers first came out with the port fuel injected systems, you will remember it wasn’t long before we saw some predictable problems surface on these vehicles, such as olefin and diolefin buildup on the pintle area of the injector causing a restriction.

Coil-On-Plug Technology and Diagnostics Tips

Coil-on-plug, or COP, features an individual coil dedicated at each cylinder, with the COP connected directly to the spark plug, eliminating the need for plug wires. Due to variances in COP design among auto makers, spark control, troubleshooting and diagnostics can vary. This article is intended to provide education relative to COP, along with tips and precautions regarding testing and diagnosing engine misfire issues.