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Clore Automotive

Clore Expands Line of Rechargeable Torch Lights

The latest Light-N-Carry rechargeable torch light (model LNC312) is designed to provide versatile illumination in a compact, easy-to-carry package. A clip allows convenient storage in a pants or shirt pocket.

Clore Adds Line of Rechargeable Torch Lights

The new Light-N-Carry rechargeable LED combination work/torch light (Model LNC330) from Clore Automotive Inc. features a 400 max lumen work COB LED light mode with two intensity settings and a dimmer feature.

Clore Unveils New Pro-Logix 12/24V Portable Battery Charger

Clore Automotive Inc. has added Pro-Logix PL2410, a 10/6/2 amp 12/24 volt portable battery charger, to its Solar product line. The new battery charger is fully automatic and has the ability to properly charge all lead acid battery types.