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Mini Cooper

Many automotive shops get intimidated when faced with the task of working on a European vehicle. Some of the reasons for this is they aren’t familiar with the vehicle, they don’t have the correct tools, or they quite possibly think that a European vehicle  is so much out of the norm or completely different from the Asian and domestic vehicles that they are accustomed to.

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Steering Gear Inspection After Damage

This bulletin applies to all Mini Cooper vehicles that have been involved in collisions/damage. Impacts due to accidents or similar driving conditions can cause damage to the steering boxes or racks. It may be extremely difficult to diagnose internal damage which otherwise appears undamaged externally.

Mini Leak

This bulletin applies to 2014 Mini Cooper vehicles equipped with a 1.6L engine. An oil leak can develop at a sealing plug located in the cylinder head, just below the vacuum pump.

Cracked and Confused?

During service or repair on a 2014 Mini Cooper equipped with a 1.6L engine, the technician may find small surface cracks on the water pump drive pulley.

Mini Fan Test

A cooling fan activation relay is available from Mini USA. The tool will operate the electric cooling fan to reduce engine temperature when diagnosing misfire and rough running conditions directly related to N14 carbonized intake valves and intake ports.