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Madison Heights is about 14 miles northwest of Detroit. Approximately 50% to 60% of Interstate Auto Care’s customer base is within a three-mile radius of Madison Heights, with the remainder within an hour’s drive.

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Ervine's Auto Repair & Grand Rapids Hybrid -- A Profoundly Progressive Operation

Jamie Carlson and her husband, Eric, have built a business over the past 25 years that attracts the highest caliber automotive professionals as well as a loyal following of customers throughout the Grand Rapids, Mich., market area. While Eric and the other ASE technicians handle the shop’s high-end service, Jamie’s mission is to continually strive to promote the shop and to elevate the image of automotive repair professionals.

Great Bear Auto: Advocating for Women Drivers is a Priority

Audra Fordin’s shop was not selected for this reader profile article because she’s a female in a predominantly male occupation. Far from it. Rather, she represents a new breed of repair shop owners and technicians who go out of their way to educate customers, specifically female customers.

Exotic Motorwerks: Deutschland Specialization Spells Success

Exotic Motorwerks is a one-stop center for all motorized objects of desire of Germanic origin. It comes as no surprise that the shop’s ausgezeichnet (German for excellent) reputation draws enthusiasts of German  sportwagens (sports cars) from near and far.

Smitty’s Car Service: Up-to-Date Service With a Small-Town Flavor

If you’re looking for an ideal example of a quality-minded shop located in a small town setting, look no further. Smitty’s Car Service has been taking care of locals since 1939 in a town that rivals the idyllic Mayberry for its charm and all-American flavor. Located about 13 miles southwest of Akron, Ohio, Smitty’s lies on the immediate outskirts of 200-plus-year-old Doylestown.