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Toyota Avalon

Toyota issued a recall for certain vehicles including 2014-2015 4Runner, 2018-2019 Camry, 2018-2019 Highlander, 2014-2015 Land Cruiser, 2018-2019 Sequoia, 2017-2019 Sienna, 2018-2019 Tacoma, 2016-2019 Tundra, 2018-2019 Corolla, 2018-2019 Avalon and 2014 FJ Cruiser vehicles.

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Stud Not Missing

On 2018-2019 Toyota Camry and 2019 Avalon vehicles equipped with a 2GR-FKS engine, technicians may observe that the bank 1 (rear) exhaust manifold may be missing a stud and nut.

Toyota Fuel Pump

Toyota is conducting a recall issue involving 2018-2019 4Runner, Camry, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra, Corolla and Avalon. The subject vehicles are equipped with a low-pressure fuel pump which may stop operating.

Diagnosis of Bluetooth Connectivity Complaints

his bulletin applies to a host of Toyota vehicles, including 2016-2020 Mirai; 2018-2020 C-HR; 2004-2011, 2013-2020 Land Cruiser; 2010, 2012-2015 Prius PHV; 2012-2018 Prius V; 2017-2018 iM; 2009-2014 Matrix; 2007-2020 Tundra; 2020 Corolla HV; 2009-2020 RAV4; 2019-2020 Corolla Hatchback; and 2011-2014 FJ Cruiser.

Toyota Injection Mode Test

This bulletin applies to 2017-2020 Toyota Highlander, 2018-2020 Camry, 2019-2020 Avalon,  2020 RAV4,  2019-2020 Corolla Hatchback, 2017-2020 Sienna, 2016-2020 Tacoma and 2020 Corolla vehicles.

Toyota Injection Test

This bulletin applies to 2017-2010 Toyota Highlander, 2019-2020 Avalon, 2020 RAV4 and 2019-2020 Corolla Hatchback models. The current engine active test “Control the Injection Mode” is not operating as desired when controlling the direct injectors manually on 2GR-FKS engines.

Spare Tire Recall

This bulletin applies to a host of 2017 Toyota models, including Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, 4Runner, Prius, RAV4, Sienna and Yaris. It seems that a recall was issued for vehicles built during March 2017 because the temporary emergency spare tire may not have been adjusted to the correct inflation pressure, which may render it inappropriate if installed.