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VW Jetta

Jetta Combi-Valve Test

For concerns with the secondary air injection system on 2009 and later Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagens equipped with the 2.5L engine, make sure that the combi-valve has been tested thoroughly. The combi-valve can be tested using the output diagnosis in address 01 0 engine electronics (ECM).

Where’s the Steering Angle Sensor?

Some VW Golf, Jetta and Passat vehicles equipped with electromechanical power steering have the G85 steering angle sensor located in the steering rack.

VW Memories

This bulletin applies to all 2006 and later Volkswagen EOS, Jetta, Jetta Sportwagen, Golf/GTI, Passat and Tiguan models. Be advised that there are two separate trip memories incorporated into the MFI.