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cylinder head

This bulletin applies to 2007-2008 Kia Sorento, 2010-2019 Soul and 2010-2019 Forte vehicles. When replacing cylinder heads on Kia 3.3 and 3.8L Lambda engines on 2007-2008 Sorento, 2.0L Nu engines for 2010-2019 Soul and 1.8 & 2.0L Nu engines for 2010-2019 Forte models, inspect the lubrication ports for installation of the steel sealing balls.

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BMW Engine Specialty Tools

Specialty tools are available for oil pump/sprocket service on all BMW models with B3x, B4x or B5x engines. An oil pump sprocket tool P/N 83 30 2 463 965 includes an extension bar and T30, T40 and T45 drivers.

Hot LT Engine

This bulletin applies to 2016-2019 Cadillac CTS-V and 2015-2019 Escalade vehicles equipped with a 6.2L LT4 or L86 engine. A vehicle may have a concern of the engine running hot and/or has a tick noise from the thermostat.

Pony Rattle

Some 2011-2012 Ford Mustangs (excluding Boss) built on or before 3/31/2011 and equipped with a 5.0L engine may exhibit an intermittent metallic rattle or scratching type noise in the area at the front of the left cylinder head at idle with the engine at operating temperature. This is not described as a typical upper engine tick or tapping noise.

Toyota Air-Fuel Codes

Some 2012-2014 Toyota Corolla vehicles equipped with a 2ZR-FE engine (or 2014 model with a 2ZR-FAE engine) may exhibit a MIL on with DTC P219A (bank 1 air-fuel ratio imbalance).

Erratic Cam Timing

Some 2005-2012 Ford Expedition vehicles equipped with a 5.4L 3V engine may exhibit an intermittent rattle noise/rough idle at operating temperature. The issue is caused by oscillating cam timing. DTCs P0022, P0021, P0340 and/or P0341 may be stored in the PCM.

Mini Leak

This bulletin applies to 2014 Mini Cooper vehicles equipped with a 1.6L engine. An oil leak can develop at a sealing plug located in the cylinder head, just below the vacuum pump.

Heads Up for Ford

Some 2011 Ford Escape vehicles equipped with a 3.0L engine and an engine build date of 12-21-2010 to 1-7-2011 may exhibit a misfire or runs rough condition, and/or MIL on with DTC P0301.

Noisy Subaru

This bulletin applies to 2011 Subaru Forester models equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine. When diagnosing an engine for an unusual sound and it’s determined to be coming from the left side cylinder head area, the head, intake camshaft, intake valves and all rocker arm pivots may need to be replaced. The sound can be heard at idle and increases with rpm, similar to the sound of a sewing machine.

Mazda Cam Cap Adjustment

This bulletin applies to 2010 Mazda Tribute models. Some vehicles may exhibit an intermittent knocking or thumping noise from the left cylinder head. After the engine temperature reaches 210-220 degrees Fahrenheit, the noise is typically heard from the rear of the engine as the vehicle comes to a stop.