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This bulletin applies to 2018 BMW 340i GT xDrive vehicles. The engine may run rough or hesitate when accelerating from a stationary position and DTC FC 21A02D (combustion control” valve lift correction at idle) may be set in the DME fault memory.

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Don’t Get Fooled by P-Codes

This bulletin applies to 2014-2017 Infiniti QX60 vehicles. When diagnosing for DTC C1130 (engine signal), ECM related DTCs (P-codes) must be diagnosed, repaired and erased first before proceeding.

Hyundai Bearing Clearance

Hyundai is recalling certain 2013-2014 Sonata and Santa Fe Sport vehicles. Machining errors during the engine manufacturing process may cause premature bearing wear within the engine, which may result in engine seizing.

Hybrid Hijinks

Some 2005-2007 Ford Escape hybrid vehicles may exhibit a concern where the engine fails soon after starting. This may be a crank/no-start condition being misdiagnosed due to the unique design of the hybrid powertrain system. DTC P0A7D (battery pack state of charge low) and/or P1A0C (engine disabled) may be present.

Ford Powerstroke diesel: Engine background and tech tips

As anyone familiar with diesel engine operation knows, a diesel engine differs from other liquid fuel engines in one major respect: The fuel/air charge is ignited by cylinder pressure and heat, instead of via an electrical ignition system (diesel-fueled engines don’t use spark plugs).

Ford knock

Some 2009-2010 Ford F-150 and F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with the 4.6L 3V or 5.4L 3V engine may exhibit a low frequency knocking noise from the engine at hot idle only. The noise is predominantly heard from the right front wheel well area and/or the RH engine cam cover. This noise may be generated from the RH variable camshaft timing (VCT) phaser assembly.

Confused Chrysler

This bulletin applies to a few Chrysler vehicles, including 2008 Pacifica, 2009 Journey, 2007-2009 Sebring/Avenger/Sebring Convertible and 2008-2009 Town & Country/Voyager/Caravan vehicles. Customer complaints may include engine stumbling, rough running, idle fluctuations and/or surges at idle, and/or a MIL on. The technician may find DTC P0452 stored (Evap pressure switch stuck closed).

Fixing factory mistake

Some 2010-2012 Ford Escape and 2010-2011 Mercury Mariner vehicles equipped with a 2.5L engine, built on or before 9-15-2011, may exhibit an intermittent no-crank/no-start condition with no DTCs or PATS indicator flashing. This may be caused by insufficient thread engagement of the starter motor mounting bolts.

Clickety clack HHR

This bulletin applies to 2009-2010 Chevrolet HHR vehicles, equipped with a 2.0L, 2.2L or 2.4L engine. A short, sharp rattle noise from the front of the engine may be noticed at start-up