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fuel trim

This bulletin applies to 2014-2018 Buick Regal and 2017-2018 Envision vehicles, equipped with a 2.5L or 2.0L engine. The MIL may be on, with no drivability issues. DTC P2097 may be stored. There are many things that can cause P2097 and care must be taken when diagnosing this code.

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Vehicle Fault or Driver Fault?

This bulletin applies to 2018 GMC Terrain and Acadia vehicles. The MIL may be on, with no drivability concerns. The technician may find DTC P2097 stored.

Fuel in Oil

This bulletin applies to 2013-2019 Chevy Malibu vehicles equipped with a 2.0L engine. The MIL may be on, accompanied by DTC P0172 (fuel trim system rich) set in the ECM. The condition may be caused by driving the vehicle in short intervals, allowing excess fuel to collect in the crankcase.

Fuel Trim: Finding a Vacuum Leak and Performance Issues Using Fuel Trim Data

A customer doesn’t generally care about whether their vehicle is in fuel control, but they certainly care if it’s not running correctly or the service engine soon (SES) light is illuminated. Accurate fuel control is needed to maintain the correct air-fuel ratio (AFR) that is supplied to the engine’s combustion chambers for ignition.

A Sensible Smoke

This bulletin applies to 2000-2012 GM passenger cars and light-duty trucks equipped with gasoline engines, where the SES light is on and any of the following fuel trim and/or O2 sensor-related codes are stored: