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Some 2009-2013 Lincoln Navigator vehicles built on or before May 1, 2013, may exhibit a high pitched whistle noise with the A/C on and higher blower motor speeds.

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False Code on Vette

This bulletin applies to 2015-2016 Chevy Corvette Z06 models equipped with the LT4 engine. Some owners may comment that the MIL is on with a DIC message displayed.

Auto Shift to Park

Some 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ vehicles may shift to Park when the vehicle is travelling below 5 mph and/or may exhibit a wrench light illuminated, with DTC P081F stored in the gear shift module (GSM).

Bad Nuts

Some 2017 Cadillac Escalade vehicles (in addition to Chevy Suburban and Tahoe and GMC Yukon) may have been assembled with the wrong fasteners retaining the brake master cylinder to the brake vacuum booster.

Piston Damage

General Motors advises inspection for piston damage when the MIL is on and the engine misfires and displays a ticking/knocking noise. This may be caused by an aftermarket ECM calibration/component and detonation that leads to melted pistons.

Bad Fan on Wrangler

This bulletin applies to 2013-2014 Jeep Wrangler vehicles built between May 2, 2013, and Aug. 22, 2013. The engine cooling fan operation may not be properly configured.

Vexing Viper

This bulletin applies to 2013-2014 Dodge Viper models, built from Dec. 18, 2012, to Oct. 25, 2013. The customer may comment that the personal settings menu does not offer the option to enable or disable the DRL (daytime running lamps).

Funky Caddy EPS

This bulletin applies to 2015-2017 Cadillac Escalade vehicles. Some customers may comment about a temporary loss of electric power steering assist (EPS) followed by a sudden return of EPS assist, particularly during low-speed turning maneuvers. The loss and sudden return of EPS assist typically happens within a 1-second period and is caused by an electrical/software issue.

Weepy Brake Cap

Owners of 2010-2013 Chevy Camaros and/or technicians may notice brake fluid seeping from the master cylinder reservoir cap.

Ford Red Brake Light

Some 2013 Ford F-Super Duty trucks equipped with a 6.2L engine and built on or before 2/21/2013 may exhibit an illuminated red brake warning indicator, along with DTC C101A:62 (vacuum pressure sensor signal error in the anti-lock brake module).