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The COVID-19 crisis has changed our personal and business lives in ways we would have found unimaginable even a few weeks ago. Auto Service Professional is currently conducting a survey of independent repair garages to find out how the COVID-19 outbreak and related government actions are impacting your business.

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Survey Looks at COVID-19 Impact on Auto Service Businesses

Womply, a data science team, conducts an ongoing daily survey to quantify the impact of COVID-19 on local businesses across the U.S. It looks at data analysis of transaction trends year-over-year at 400,000 local businesses across the country, including 30,000 auto services businesses (see

ASP Survey Nails Down Causes for Tire Damage

Consumers with flat tires may be surprised to find they were stopped in their tracks by a spoon. Or wrench. Or pair of pliers. But finding kitchen utensils and tools in flat tires is not a surprise to automotive service technicians.