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vehicle inspection Corp. has compiled the data from 5,000 vehicles scanned by automotive repair businesses that used the company's Pro Scan tool, and says a majority of those vehicles needed repairs that weren't apparant during the typical visual vehicle inspection.

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Hunter Engineering Announces Inspection Integration with Dealer-Fx

Hunter Engineering Co. has announced a new integration partnership with Dealer-Fx and its One Platform service experience. A service dashboard that provides control over dealership workflow and creates a more consistent process, One Platform is now compatible with Hunter inspection equipment, including Quick Check Drive, Quick Check and Quick Tread systems.

Hunter Engineering and AutoVitals Integrate Inspection Technology

Hunter Engineering Co. and AutoVitals have integrated their vehicle inspection technology to empower service providers to quickly present inspection findings to customers through easy-to-understand, customizable reports, while providing shops with greater opportunities to upsell services and build transparency with customers.