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Engine pre-oiling: A critical procedure for any fresh engine

A customer’s engine represents a major investment. Regardless of whether the engine is new (a factory replacement engine), a freshly rebuilt engine, or an engine that has been stored for an extended period, it can be quickly damaged if the bearings and friction related components are not properly lubricated prior to firing the engine for the first time.


Thread chasing: Restoring male or female fastener threads

Whenever you’re faced with dirty or slightly burred female threads (cylinder head threaded holes in a block, spark plug holes in a head, etc.), you may be tempted to grab an appropriate size cutting tap to clean up the threads. The correct choice is to use a “chaser” tap. A cutting tap is designed to create new threads, whereas a chaser tap is designed to clean, re-form and restore existing threads.


Time- and money-saving tips from technicians

When servicing or rebuilding a GM LS engine (which includes the LQ series), cast iron or aluminum blocks, be aware that there are two versions of cylinder head bolts, based on the design of the specific block.


Engine oil change intervals

  In a recent editorial, I commented about the validity of extended oil change intervals that are commonly promoted today by auto makers (ASP September/October 2014 issue). My intent was to provide my own opinion, and not to promote the increased sale of oil (read the editorial in our digital edition on www.autoserviceprofessional.com). This topic has obviously hit a nerve among our readers. Following are just a few of the letters we’ve received regarding this subject.- Ed.


The value of photos

Since it seems as though just about everyone these days has a “smart” phone glued to their head or stashed in their pocket 24 hours a day, we may as well take advantage of the camera feature of these phones while inspecting, diagnosing and repairing customer vehicles.


Tool Review: CP7732 impact wrench -- An ultra-compact workhorse

It seems as though every pneumatic tool maker these days is offering a compact version within their impact wrench lineup. Another welcome entry in this increasingly popular market is Chicago Pneumatic’s CP7732. This model features a 1/2-inch drive, while its cousin, CP7731, features a 3/8-inch drive. Here we’ll review the 1/2-inch drive model


Alternator decouplers: Servicing these vibration-reducing pulleys

Chevrolet dealer technical service bulletin 99-06-04-029A stated: Condition: Some customers may comment on an intermittent accessory drive rumble noise when performing a garage shift and/or during parking lot maneuvers, such as turning the steering wheel to the lock position. This noise may also occur when turning on the air conditioning at idle conditions.


Twin-post lifts: Safety and maintenance tips

In this article, we’ll address safety and convenience options specifically for commonly used twin-post lifts, with two primary focus points: shop safety and increased efficiency.


ECU soft resets: Killing power to on-board modules does wonders in diagnosis and repair

When a smart phone is not working quite right or a PC gets frozen, what’s the easiest way to fix it? Turn it off, start it back up, and hope the problem is gone. Some PC users even wait a few seconds to turn the device back on, hoping it gives time for the computer chips to power down.


Today’s key fobs/smart keys provide convenience -- and cause problems

In these days of vehicle owner expectations for their vehicles to perform tasks that would previously require a minor physical or mental effort on their part, the remote “key” has become a mainstay of late model design. Rather than inserting a metal key into a tumbler lock (obviously a task that requires far too much effort and manual dexterity), we now expect to press a button on a wireless transmitter to perform this arduous chore of locking or unlocking the vehicle doors.

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