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Lambda diagnostics: Solve those system lean problems fast

Craig Truglia is an ASE A6 and A8 certified technician who presently works as a service writer for Patterson Autobody, a repair facility in Patterson, N.Y. A former shop owner and editor of several automotive repair magazines, Truglia combines his Columbia University education with the real-world experience he sees daily in the automotive repair field.


Ball joint service: Insights and replacement tips for a variety of vehicle applications

Ball joint service isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like. Certain vehicles are prone to premature wear, some ball joints are not available separately from the OEM, theoretically requiring replacement of an entire control arm or steering knuckle assembly, and some are just downright difficult to access. In this article we provide insight and replacement tips for a variety of vehicle-specific examples.


Cooling system service: Keep systems functioning at peak performance

The automobile is slowly evolving into an appliance, at least in the minds of many motorists. Much like a refrigerator or microwave, owners tend to use the equipment and ignore service until something breaks.


Diagnosing and correcting brake life and performance issues

When a vehicle’s brake pads and/or rotors wear faster than expected, a host of variables need to be considered, including materials, prior installation methods, driver abuse, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss potential issues and offer suggestions for checking and correcting customer concerns regarding brake life and performance.


The beauty of tools

One of the few things on this planet that is sure to always catch my eye is a clean, well organized selection of professional tools. A tidy tool drawer is one of those things that I can stare at and appreciate, much like a normal person might drool over a photo of a Victoria Secret ad (hey, nobody ever accused me of being normal


Tool Review: Compact gun -- A pneumatic air wrench for cramped spaces

What appealed to me about the M7 (Mighty-Seven) 1/2-inch-drive air wrench from King Tony of America is its ultra-stubby size. It’s the cutest, shortest 1/2-inch-drive air wrench that I’ve had the pleasure to try.


Got gas? Get ready for fuel delivery diagnostics

The present-day is an interesting time for the automotive technician. Perhaps now more than ever, the vehicles that are on the road resist breakdown, and with the help of a few repairs can routinely last about 200,000 miles.


R/R/R roundup: R134a recover/recycle/recharge equipment

The world of automotive service continues to change at an accelerated rate. That includes mobile air conditioning service challenges for service technicians.


Tire pressure monitoring systems

We've discussed the subject of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) in the past, but this is a topic that can always benefit from an update. Considering the proliferation of TPMS in today’s market, it’s vital that we gain as much understanding of these systems as possible.


Best of times, worst of times

This winter has been brutal for northern and northeastern states, with record snowfall and record temperatures, and with abnormal icy conditions even in southern states such as Georgia.

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