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You added what?

The ignorance of some customers continues to amaze. A buddy’s shop recently took in a 2001 Honda Accord with a “no brakes” issue. The car was towed in on a flatbed, since the customer was afraid to drive it to the shop.


Scion charcoal DTC

Some 2010 model year Scion xB, xD and tC vehicles may exhibit a MIL on condition with DTC P2420.


‘Been there, done that’ -- Advice from experienced service technicians

We had a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 in the shop, equipped with the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine. The MIL was on and the vehicle exhibited intermittent low power. Code P1093 was stored, which indicated low fuel rail pressure during power enrichment.


Road work can be a good thing

Along, seemingly endless line of orange barrels or concrete barriers on a highway is never a pretty sight. It generally translates into traffic backups and longer commute times. However, there’s a bright side to this often aggravating scenario, with regard to demand for automotive repair.


Wheel fasteners: Understanding the nuts and bolts of wheel clamping

The threaded fasteners that secure the wheels to the chassis are perhaps the most critical components on any vehicle, yet they’re often the most overlooked and under-appreciated. Improperly sized threads or seat styles or improperly installed wheel fasteners can result in loss of a wheel and tire package (wheel separation from the vehicle) during vehicle operation. With that in mind, we need to pay more attention to these vital fasteners.


Tool review: Guardair Gun Vac

Roll-around shop vacs are handy devices that we’ve used for decades. Every shop has at least one that’s parked under a workbench. Plug it in, add an extension cord for dragging it to extended locations, suck up floor or bench debris, roll it over to the trash can, remove the top, empty the can, clean the filter, reassemble and store until needed again.


Tool review: ACDelco angle impact wrench

Cordless power tools are becoming increasingly popular for shop use, primarily due to the convenience offered (no air hoses or power cords to drag around). This offering from ACDelco is one beefy cordless workhorse. Like many techs, I’ve been through my fair share of cordless tools over the years, some good, some bad, some great and some a downright waste of money.


Time for a new lift? Check out your options to choose the best one for your shop

Whether it is a routine oil change or a complete engine swap, the job is easier, faster, safer and more profitable if the vehicle is suspended on a lift.


Improving diesel engine performance and component life

Diesel engines are the proven sweethearts of the transportation industry. I’m sure you’re seeing more and more in your shop, given their increasing popularity among light- and mid-duty pickup truck owners. They’re basically for anyone who needs to carry and/or tow heavy loads.


Resurrecting the emissions analyzer

Emission analyzers have been under-utilized pieces of equipment in our industry for years. Many shop owners and technicians think that the emission analyzer is only used for vehicle inspections rather than using it for diagnosing vehicle drivability problems. Their short-sightedness is preventing them from diagnosing many vehicle problems in a shorter period of time.

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