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Coil-On-Plug Technology and Diagnostics Tips

Coil-on-plug, or COP, features an individual coil dedicated at each cylinder, with the COP connected directly to the spark plug, eliminating the need for plug wires. Due to variances in COP design among auto makers, spark control, troubleshooting and diagnostics can vary. This article is intended to provide education relative to COP, along with tips and precautions regarding testing and diagnosing engine misfire issues.


Random Rants on Current Issues

Do you fear the engine cover? Of course not. You work on late model vehicles every day, and you’re accustomed to popping them off in order to gain access to a variety of vacuum lines, spark plugs, sensors, etc.


Electrical Troubleshooting Made Easy

As a mobile tech, when I get called by a shop to diagnose or troubleshoot a problem vehicle, I never really know what I will be up against. All I do know is that I will have to be on the top of my game.


Fuel Trim: Finding a Vacuum Leak and Performance Issues Using Fuel Trim Data

A customer doesn’t generally care about whether their vehicle is in fuel control, but they certainly care if it’s not running correctly or the service engine soon (SES) light is illuminated. Accurate fuel control is needed to maintain the correct air-fuel ratio (AFR) that is supplied to the engine’s combustion chambers for ignition.


7th Annual ‘Tips From Techs’

Our industry is made up of dedicated people who share a passion for all things automotive. Technicians who service vehicles on a daily basis routinely discover solutions for various repairs that go beyond what a service manual provides.


Shop Referrals: A Shop’s Got to Know its Limitations

Who among us doesn’t smile when we watch the classic 1973 movie “Magnum Force,” as Clint Eastwood, playing his iconic character Detective Harry Callahan, walks slowly away as the corrupt Lieutenant Neil Briggs’ (Hal Holbrook) car explodes and he mutters his infamous line, “A man’s got to know his limitations”?


Lift Overview: They’re More Than Just a Riser with Muscle

The decision-making process involved in purchasing a new lift involves a number of factors in order to suit your specific needs.


Airbag Deactivation Tips: How to Avoid Accidental Deployment and Prevent Expense and Injury

Airbag deactivation procedures differ among makes/models/years, so always refer to the appropriate service manual for the correct method. NEVER assume that any specific deactivation procedure is correct for all airbag-equipped vehicles.


6.4L Powerstroke Diesel Fuel System

As you know, a diesel engine differs from other liquid fuel engines in one major respect: the fuel/air charge is ignited by cylinder pressure and resulting heat, instead of via an electrical ignition system (diesel-fueled engines don’t use spark plugs).


Why Your Shop Should Worry About Faulty Airbags

Faulty inflators are fueling concern for airbag service safety. According to reports, this includes approximately 34 million vehicles in the U.S. and over 85 million individual airbags, when we consider steering wheel, passenger and side airbags.

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