This bulletin applies to all 2011 and later Kia vehicles equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission (excluding Optima Hybrid). If DTC P0741 is stored as active or history, instead of replacing the transaxle, the replacement of the damper clutch (D/C) solenoid may be performed with the transmission in the vehicle.

Using GDS, check for DTCs in the automatic transaxle menu: vehicle and A/T menu > Actuation Test. Press the start button and check the “Result” box for a message indicating “Success.” If the test results show:

Success – GDS requested the TCM to activate the solenoids. Repeat while using chassis ears or a stethoscope the listen for solenoid operation. If the solenoids are audible, the harness currently has no open/short circuit. If the test shows “Failure,” the GDS did not request the TCM to activate the solenoids. Visually check the wiring harness between the PCM and the transmission for a damaged wire or short circuit to ground. Check for a damaged pin or pin not fully inserted into the connector. If damage is found, perform the needed repair. If not, refer to KGIS for solenoid pack removal and reinstallation procedures for the specific year and model of vehicle.

If the transmission is equipped with a steel oil pan, seal using Kia RTV. 
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Once solenoid replacement is complete, refill the transmission with the same amount of ATF as was drained during solenoid removal. Check and adjust the ATF level as required.

Note: if the transmission oil pan is steel, apply Kia RTV silicone gasket maker to the oil pan during installation (P/N UMO 10CH046). If the oil pan is plastic, install a new pan gasket.

If the pan is plastic, replace the gasket. 
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Note: for idle stop and go equipped vehicles, allow the vehicle to remain undisturbed for four hours after repairs are done. This will allow for the required self-recalibration of the system.

Attach the GDS to te DLC and select vehicle > A/T Menu > Current Data > Oil Temperature Sensor. With the transmission in “P,” start the engine and remove the level checking plug wen the STF reaches 122-140 degrees F. The level is correct when oil flows out of the level checking plug in a thin and steady stream.

Filling and checking ATF is done through the valve body side cover. 
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Clear all codes and test drive for two driving cycles allowing for complete upshifts and downshifts (1-2-3-4-5-6 gears). Replace the control wiring harness between the PCM and the transmission. If the solenoid DTCs do not return, the repair is complete. If the DTCs do return, replace the PCM.

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