Replace Chevy Torque Converter and Filter

This bulletin applies to 2015-2019 Chevy Silverado, Express and Suburban vehicles. A surging condition may be felt when driving. A DTC PIP5504D may be set, identifying the surging as a torque converter shudder. This condition may be caused by additives in the ATF that may have been depleted during vehicle operation. With the vehicle raised, remove the transmission pan. If metallic debris is present, remove the transmission and replace the torque converter and filter.

1. From the DT-52263 Transmission Fluid Exchange Kit, remove cooler lines and install DT-52263-1 Block assembly.

2. Place a drain hose into GE-47716-2 graduated bucket.

3. Lower the vehicle.

4. Through the dipstick tube, add six quarts of DEX6 ATF.

5. Start the engine and run four quarts into GE-47716-2 bucket, then shut the engine off.

6. Add four quarts of DEX6 through the dipstick tube.

7. Start the engine and run four quarts into the graduated bucket, then shut the engine off (dump fluid out of the bucket as necessary). This will serve to flush the system.

8. Add four quarts of DEX6 through the dipstick tube.

9. Raise the vehicle, remove the block assembly and reinstall the cooler lines.

10. Lower the vehicle.

11. Add the correct amount of DEX6 ATF (approx.. four quarts) to the system.

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