Hyundai Genesis May Need Fuel Pump Control Module

This bulletin applies to 2015-2016 Hyundai Genesis vehicles. DTC U0109/U010900 may be set, related to a communication error with the fuel pump control module (FPCM).

Example of the FPCM.

If any FPCM codes are present, replace the FPCM. Using a voltmeter, check the fuel pressure sensor output voltage. Specified voltage is 5V. Check the FPCM output voltage at idle. Specified voltage is 1.4-3.2V. Test the fuel pressure at the fuel delivery line from the fuel tank. Refer to the shop manual.

Check  fuel pressure sensor output voltage. Spec is 5V.

To replace the FPCM, turn the ignition switch off and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the trunk rear transverse trim. Fold the LH luggage side trim to access the FPCM. Disconnect the FPCM connector and remove the FPCM. Install the new FPCM and reassemble.

Check voltage output at idle. Spec is 1.4-3.2V.
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