Collision May Cause Service Engine Light to Flare

This bulletin applies to 2011-2015 Chevy Cruze and 2016 Cruze Limited vehicles, equipped with a 1.8L engine. You may find a Service Engine Soon light on, with DTC P0341 and/or P0366 set. You or a previous technician may have performed diagnostics, including CMP sensor and/or camshaft replacements without resolving the issue.

The Tech2 or GDS2 will show lower camshaft counts on the CMP sensor that is setting the DTC compared to the CMP sensor that is not.

If this concern is experienced, replace the CMP sensor and retest for the code. If the code(s) do reset, check vehicle history and question the customer to determine if the vehicle has been recently involved in a front end collision.

If so, improper welding procedures may have magnetized metal components in the cylinder head causing this concern. If this condition is found, Chevy advises replacing the complete cylinder head assembly, including cylinder head bolts, camshafts, camshaft actuators, valvetrain components, lift hook bracket and bolt.

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