Learning the Chrysler Coolant Rainbow

It should be noted that Chrysler released a new engine coolant for the 2013 model year vehicles and beyond, for all engine applications except the 2.2L and 2.0L Diesel engines. The new coolant is an organic additive technology (OAT). OAT coolants have a service interval of 10 years or 150,000 miles. For heavy duty truck and extreme duty cycle applications, refer to the service information or owner’s manual for proper maintenance schedules.

Coolants of different technologies are not compatible or interchangeable (OAT, HOAT or IAT). Mixing these coolants could result in accelerated corrosion within the engine and cooling systems, an ammonia odor or debris particles floating in the coolant.

Pink HOAT coolant.

Further inspection may find corrosion in the system. This could show up as aluminum pipes turning black in the coolant system, engine overheating or leaks in the cooling system.

If OAT (Mopar P/N 68163848AA Purple) has been mixed with HOAT (Mopar P/N 68048953AB Pink or factory fill HOAT Orange, or any other coolants, it will be necessary to flush the cooling system.

Orange HOAT coolant.
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