Shock Issue Gives Chevy Magnaride Suspension Woes

Some owners of 2006-2013 Chevy Avalanche vehicles equipped with Magnaride (magnetically controlled suspension) may comment on a Service Suspension System message. During assembly, it is possible that the 90-degree electrical connector at the top end of a shock absorber (actuator) may not be fully seated or has been bumped enough to partially disconnect. diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) C0575, C0580 or C0590 may be set.

If a DTC refers to a front shock absorber actuator, remove the shock tower beauty cover (if equipped). Disconnect the electrical connector from the top of the shock. Visually examine the green insulator and center post of the connector to see if it is straight and in serviceable condition. Replace the connector and re-test if needed. Reconnect the connector, clear DTC(s) and confirm that the code does not re-set. If the code returns, remove the connector and pigtail. Swap the connector with the connector on the opposite side shock. If the DTC follows the connector to the other side, replace the connector. Connector kits are available as P/N 13586171.

Inspect the green insulator and center post for damage.

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