This bulletin applies to 2014-2016 Mazda3 vehicles with VINs starting with JM1 or 3MZ. When the engine is started for the first time after parking overnight in cold weather (below freezing), some vehicles may exhibit the check engine light on with DTC P0451:00 (fuel tank pressure sensor: sensor characteristics malfunction) stored in memory. This may be caused by an increase in discharge resistance due to water accumulated and frozen in the canister vent hose.

Check to see if the canister vent hose is clogged with frozen water. If dealing with a 4-door sedan,  cut the evaporative hose No. 1 diagonally to enlarge the cross-section to avoid water from accumulating and freezing. 

On the 5-door hatchback only, pull the evaporative hose No. 1 (A) from the charcoal canister outlet.

Install the short canister hose PE01-13-971 (B) to the canister outlet.

Tie the evaporative hose No. 1 (A) and the hose PE01-13-971 (B) with a tie wrap (C) as shown.

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