Some 2007-2012 Toyota Tundra trucks may exhibit a rubbing or grinding noise from the rear when making left or right turns. New parking brake plate sub-assemblies have been developed to address this condition.

Once the condition is confirmed, place the vehicle on a lift, remove the rear wheels and rear brake rotors. Check for any irregular contact on the brake plate from the rotors. If any irregular contact is found, replace it with the new kit P/N.

After installation, drive the vehicle for about quarter-mile at about 31 mph on a level, dry road. Depress the parking brake pedal. Repeat this procedure two or three times. Stop and depress the parking brake. The vehicle should hold the position with six to nine clicks of travel. Test drive again and make right and left turns to confirm that there is no more noise.

PART                       PREVIOUS P/N                NEW P/N

Bearing kit RH..... 04000-0010C............. 04002-4310C

Bearing kit LH...... 04000-0020C............ 04002-432C

(the new P/Ns include new parking brake sub-assemblies)

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