This bulletin applies to 2013-2015 Ram 3500 cab chassis, 1500/2500/3500 pickup and 4500/5500 cab chassis vehicles, equipped with an Upfitter electronic module (for operating devices such as a PTO/power takeoff).

Customers may notice uplift components connected to the VSIM (vehicle system interface module) inoperative at times. This is caused by a condition where the VSIM locks up and becomes unresponsive. No DTCs will be reported for loss of communication between the VSIM and central body controller (CBC). This can be corrected by updating the VSIM with the latest software.

Use wiTECH to check if the VSIM is active on the Bus. If active, reprogram the VSIM with the latest software. If not active, lower the VSIM and disconnect the connector to reset the module. The VSIM is located under the dash next to the park brake pedal. Press up on the module release tab and lower the VSIM. Disconnect the VSIM connector for 30 seconds. If still not active, refer to the service manual and perform diagnostics for no response from the VSIM.

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