This bulletin applies to 2004-2017 Toyota 4Runner, 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser and 2005-2015 Tacoma vehicles equipped with part-time 4WD. Vehicles may exhibit a cyclical groaning or grinding noise coming from the front differential in 2WD that goes away when operated in 4WD. This noise can be addressed by replacing the needle bearing on the left side of the front differential.

Remove the LH front drive shaft assembly. Remove the LH differential oil seal, using slide hammer SST 09520-32040-01 and oil seal puller SST 09308-00010. Install the steering worm bearing puller SST 09612-30012 onto the left side of the differential carrier assembly. Note: The driveshaft may rotate during bearing removal. In this event, grab the driveshaft to prevent rotation. Remove the LH differential needle bearing roller using the steering worm bearing puller. Install the new needle-bearing roller using handle set SST 09950-70010-01 and replacer set SST 09950-60010-01. Use a rubber-ended mallet to press the new part into the differential. Be sure to install the new needle-bearing roller with the engraved print facing outward. Pay attention to the installed depth. Replace the LH differential oil seal. Install the snap ring onto the front driveshaft and install the driveshaft.

Install the new needle-bearing roller with the engraved side facing outward. Installation depth between surface 3A and 3B should be 1.4 to 1.7mm.

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